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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Dem Operative Who Oversaw Trump Rally Agitators Visited White House 342 Times and Obama 47 times

A key operative in a Democratic scheme to send agitators to cause unrest at Donald Trump’s rallies has visited the White House 342 times since 2009, White House records show.
Robert Creamer, who acted as a middle man between the Clinton campaign, the Democratic National Committee and “protesters” who tried — and succeeded — to provoke violence at Trump rallies met with President Obama during 47 of those 342 visits, according to White House records. Creamer’s last visit was in June 2016.
Creamer, whose White House visits were first pointed out by conservative blog Weasel Zippers, is stepping back from his role within the Clinton campaign
Hidden camera video from activist James O’Keefe showed Creamer bragging that his role within the Clinton campaign was to oversee the work of Americans United for Change, a non-profit organization that sent activists to Trump rallies.

Scott Foval, the national field director for Americans United for Change, explained how the scheme works.

“The [Clinton] campaign pays DNC, DNC pays Democracy Partners, Democracy Partners pays the Foval Group, The Foval Group goes and executes the shit,” Foval told an undercover journalist.
One example of the “shit” Foval executes was an instance in which a 69-year-old woman garnered headlines after claiming to be assaulted at a Trump rally.
“She was one of our activists,” Foval said.
Creamer’s job was to “manage” the work carried out by Foval.
“And the Democratic Party apparatus and the people from the campaign, the Clinton campaign and my role with the campaign, is to manage all that,” Creamer told an undercover journalist.
“Wherever Trump and Pence are gonna be we have events,” he said.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Soros-Connected Company Provides Voting Machines In 16 States

Smartmatic, a U.K.-based voting technology company with deep ties to George Soros, has control over voting machines in 16 states including battleground zones like Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Virginia. Other jurisdictions affected are California, District of Columbia, Illinois, Louisiana, Missouri, New Jersey, Oregon, Washington and Wisconsin.
Its website includes a flow-chart that describes how the company has contributed to elections in the U.S. from 2006-2015 with “57,000 voting and counting machines deployed” and “35 million voters assisted.”
In 2005, Smartmatic bought-out California-based Sequoia Voting Systems and entered the world of U.S. elections.
According to Smarmatic’s website, “In less than one year Smartmatic tripled Sequoia’s market share” and “has offered technology and support services to the Electoral Commissions of 307 counties in 16 States.”

Tonight's Debate!

Hillary Aims High


Sunday, October 16, 2016

Chag Samaiach!

‘Hillary’s America’ Hits No. 1, Sells Out On Amazon

After sparking a nationwide debate with a limited release in U.S theaters, conservative filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza’s latest documentary has seen a second spike in popularity with its release on DVD and other digital formats.
Released Tuesday, Hillary’s America quickly ascended to the top of the best-sellers list on Amazon despite being up against several films that took in far more revenue while in theaters.
The documentary, which focuses on Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and the history of her party, earned at the box office about one-tenth of two other movies — Ghostbusters and Legend of Tarzan — released on DVD Tuesday.
With just weeks left until Election Day, though, D’Souza’s film outsold every other movie on Amazon and, as of this writing, remains No. 1.
The entertainment company further pointed out that more copies of Hillary’s America were sold in two days than D’Souza’s previous film, America: Imagine the World Without Her, sold in the first four weeks of its DVD release.
While shoppers were reportedly advised earlier this week that the DVD might not be available until after next month’s election, the supply had apparently been replenished as of Saturday morning. Copies are also available for order through the film’s official website.
Lionsgate explained Amazon bases its initial offering on the level of pre-orders, which was reportedly moderate for the latest D’Souza film. Higher-than-expected sales on the first two days of its digital release, however, quickly depleted the inventory.
The documentary’s theatrical release was tinged with allegations of efforts to suppress its reach, including some iPhone users who claimed searches for showtimes either provided no results or incorrect information.
 Social-media chatter nonetheless continued to drive interest in the documentary even after it had left theaters
D’Souza explained what he believes the recent wave of interest in his documentary reveals about American voters.
“This shows there is a huge appetite for the truth about Hillary and the Democratic Party that you won’t get from the media,” he said in a statement provided to Western Journalism.
A D’Souza representative noted the disparity between box-office revenue and online sales, suggesting the film likely would have seen more success if it had been shown on more screens and remained longer in the theaters that did carry it.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Breaking: New FBI files contain allegations of 'quid pro quo' in Clinton's emails

FBI interview summaries and notes, provided late Friday to the House Government Oversight and Intelligence Committees, contain allegations of a "quid pro quo" between a senior State Department executive and FBI agents during the Hillary Clinton email investigation, two congressional sources told Fox News.
"This is a flashing red light of potential criminality," Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz of Utah, who has been briefed on the FBI interviews, told Fox News.
He said "there was an alleged quid pro quo” involving Undersecretary for Management Patrick Kennedy and the FBI “over at least one classified email.”
“In return for altering the classification, the possibility of additional slots for the FBI at missions overseas was discussed,” Chaffetz said.
As Fox News previously reported, interviews released earlier this month, known as 302s, reveal the serious allegation that Kennedy applied pressure to subordinates to change classified email codes so they would be shielded from Congress and the public. Fox News was told as far back as August 2015 that Kennedy was running interference on Capitol Hill. But Kennedy, in his FBI interview on Dec. 21, 2015, “categorically rejected” allegations of classified code tampering.
Chaffetz has not read the new documents, which include classified records that must be read in a security facility. But based on a briefing from staffers, Chaffetz said there are grounds for at least "four hearings" after the recess. Chaffetz, who is currently out of town campaigning, said allegations came from witnesses though there is some conflict in the record.

Tashlich in Monsey causes Chillul Hashem!

Rabbosie..... there is a lake in Monsey that the Oilem goes to for Tashlich. 
You would think that's a great thing .... what could possibly go wrong when you are trying to throw all your "aveiras" into a lake?

Except there are two signs at the lake warning the "baal aveiras" not to feed the ducks! One in English for the yiddishe "goyim" that don't understand the holy Yiddish, and one in Yiddish for the "Heimishe baal aveiros!" who don't understand "goyish"!

So what do the  "Heimishe baal aveiros" do? 
They bring their white garbage bags filled with challah and walk pass two signs begging them not to feed the ducks, ignore the warnings and  promptly throw all their challah garbage into the lake !  

The gemara would call this "toivling with a sheretz"! 
You come to ask the Ribono Shel Olim  for forgiveness, shlepping along machzoirim to "shukel away" and then , not only are you ignoring two signs in two languages but you are teaching your children to flaunt the local laws! 
A git kvittal

Sign in Yiddish that it is "prohibited to feed the ducks"

Sign in English 
Notice children on right feeding ducks

Notice hand with bread on left and children on left feeding ducks
Notice the Lady sitting with a white plastic bag with bread to feed the ducks

Notice white garbage bags on floor filled with bread 

They Do This to Every Republican! And It's About Time for a National Backlash

A Little Help Please!
 They do this to every Republican nominee.  They did it to John McCain.  The New York Times ran a story about how he had an affair with somebody way back. I don't even remember the details.  They did it to Newt Gingrich in the 2012 primaries.  They went out and claimed that Newt's ex-wife claimed that he did this to his third ex-wife and the second ex-wife was mad, and the first ex-wife wanted to get...
It was so bad that Newt, if you remember in the South Carolina primary, John King of CNN opened the debate asking Newt to explain all this philandering and stuff, and his ex-wifes.  And Newt just destroyed the guy on the basis that how dare you denigrate what we are doing here by bringing it up anonymously like this.  Newt got three standing ovations in three-minute answer.  And then John King tried to say, "Hey, the story is out there. They reported over there."
"Don't do that, John.  You chose to open this debate with this filth.  You chose to do it.  Don't try to blame this on other people." 
 My point is, they did it to Mitt Romney, 
 Mitt Romney? 
You will not find a finer human being no matter how you define "fine human being" -- morality, virtue, manners, nice guy, harmless -- than Mitt Romney.  And look what they did to him!
They had people believing that he was cruel to animals. They had people believing that Mitt Romney didn't care when the wives of people who worked for him got cancer, that he didn't run in to help. He didn't increase their health benefits. He had no compassion for the families of people that worked for him whatsoever.  Then they ran a story how he bullied some kid and pulled his hair or whatever in prep school, for crying out loud, if you remember that. 
They are going to do what they're doing to Trump to every Republican nominee, particularly now, when they have nothing to promote Hillary Clinton on.  They can't promote her on the basis that people love her, that people love her ideas and her policies.  This is a campaign that the media has to make Trump more disliked than Hillary is.  That's why this looks like a race to the bottom, and that's because the media, the best way that they know to get Hillary elected is to make Trump a bigger negative that she than she is because there aren't any positives. 

Why is Hillary in hiding till Wednesday's debate?

The next debate's not 'til Wednesday.  Barack Obama's out there for her, her daughter is out there for her, her husband is out there for her 
But she's not out there.  She's gone into hibernation.  Supposedly she is prepping for the next debate.  I don't think so.  
I mean, she may be doing that.  The reason she goes into hiding is because the effort to destroy Trump is now proceeding at 150 percent and she doesn't want to distract from it by being out there, because she's a negative, too.  
The less she is heard from the better she seems to poll.  Put the other way, the more she speaks and the more present she is, the greater damage potentially is done to her campaign.  So she's hiding as a positive. 
Hillary Clinton has to go hibernate.  She has to go underneath, whatever she does to stay invisible because that's the best thing she can do for herself.  While everybody else is out there talking to us about how nobody's ever been more qualified while they cannot cite for us anything she's done for anybody other than care a lot. 
And, meanwhile, all these rabid, continuing insults and assaults on Trump with women nobody ever heard of and now all of a sudden they are gospel. 
 But the women who were actually raped and assaulted and abused and mistreated by Bill Clinton can't get the time of day on the same networks that the Trump women have been made heroines.  
It's about time the American people saw this for what it is, and it's about time that there was a huge backlash against the media and the Democrat Party because, for all this talk of what Trump is and Trump's that and doing this, it's the Democrat Party and the Drive-By Media, the mainstream media that's taken this country to the sewer. 
They are the ones focusing everybody on this stuff, not Donald Trump, not talk radio, not conservatism.  The Democrat Party and their buddies in the Drive-By Media are the ones focusing everybody's attention on what they're trying to tell everybody is smut, smut that we're told has gone on for 30 years but nobody ever knew about it because nobody ever accused anybody of it because nobody ever saw it for 30 years. 
Now three weeks out from a presidential election we're learning all this stuff that Donald Trump's been doing that nobody's ever seen before and nobody's ever testified to before?  
This stuff -- you know, the Democrats and the media used to tell us that the politics of personal destruction needed to come to a screeching halt. That all these negative ads and negative stuff, it was horrible, it was ruining our politics, voter turnout was being suppressed.  We need to raise ourselves up, they said. 
We need to stick to the issues, they said, the very same people who live and take everybody down to the gutter with them in this campaign.  
And it's about time there was a backlash against it.  It's about time the American people woke up and understood what's going on here, that they're being lied to, manipulated, and being set up for a woman to be elected president who is going to continue the decline of this country at a rate more rapid than anybody has ever seen or expects.  
Obama's out there saying , "My God, this Trump guy, why, he doesn't know anything and just wants to end the progress."  
There isn't any progress!  That's the whole point!  The only progress out there is the advancement of "progressive liberalism," which is not progress.  

Here Are Hillary Clinton's Three Speeches To Goldman Sachs For Which She Was Paid $675,000

As has been widely reported, in 2013 Hillary Clinton was paid $675,000 for three speeches to Goldman Sachs.  One was delivered on June 4, 2013 at the 2013 IBD CEO Annual Conference at The Inn at Palmetto Bluff in South Carolina, a second one took place on October 24, 2013 at the Goldman Sachs Asset Management AIMS Alternative Investment Symposium, and the last one was delivered on October 29, 2013 at the Goldman Sachs builders and innovators summit.

The speech transcripts, in their entirety, were revealed for the first time in an email from Tony Carrk, research director at Hillary for America, in an email dated January 23, 2016, and disclosed to the public for the first time ever during today's latest Wikileak of Podesta emails.
In the email Carrk says:
The 3 (I misspoke about 5 earlier) speeches to Goldman are attached with
some parts highlighted. Below are some of the more noteworthy quotes.
The highlights Carrk refers to are the following:
In the first excerpt Hillary Clinton (rightfully) mocks Dodd Frank as nothing but a political contrivance which was created solely for political reasons as "there was also a need to do something because for political reasons." To wit: "*Clinton Said, With Dodd-Frank, There Was “A Need To Do Something Because For Political Reasons” Because Members Of Congress “Can't Sit Idly By And Do Nothing.”
“And with political people, again, I would say the same thing, you know, there was a lot of complaining about Dodd-Frank, but there was also a need to do something because for political reasons, if you were an elected member of Congress and people in your constituency were losing jobs and shutting businesses and everybody in the press is saying it's all the fault of Wall Street, you can't sit idly by and do nothing, but what you do is really important.” [GS2, 10/24/13]
* * *
In the second highlighted excerpt, Tim O'Neill, Global Co-Head of the Investment Management Division, thanks Hillary for her "continued involvement in the issues (inaudible) to be courageous in some respects to associated with Wall Street and this environment" and then thanks her "very much."
*Tim O’Neill Told Clinton “We Really Did Appreciate It” When She Had Been “Courageous In Some Respects To Associated With Wall Street And This Environment.”
“MR. O'NEILL: By the way, we really did appreciate when you were the senator from New York and your continued involvement in the issues (inaudible) to be courageous in some respects to associated with Wall Street and this environment. Thank you very much.SECRETARY CLINTON: Well, I don't feel particularly courageous. I mean, if we're going to be an effective, efficient economy, we need to have all part of that engine running well, and that includes Wall Street and Main Street. And there's a big disconnect and a lot of confusion right now. So I'm not interested in, you know, turning the clock back or pointing fingers, but I am interested in trying to figure out how we come together to chart a better way forward and one that will restore confidence in, you know, small and medium-size businesses and consumers and begin to chip away at the unemployment rate. So it's something that I, you know, if you're a realist, you know that people have different roles to play in politics, economics, and this is an important role, but I do think that there has to be an understanding of how what happens here on Wall Street has such broad consequences not just for the domestic but the global economy, so more thought has to be given to the process and transactions and regulations so that we don't kill or maim what works, but we concentrate on the most effective way of moving forward with the brainpower and the financial power that exists here.” [GS2, 10/24/13]
* * *

Friday, October 14, 2016

Watch Barack Obama Call Hillary Clinton Corrupt, Out of Touch, and a Liar

Trump: UNESCO decision more evidence of ‘enormous anti-Israel bias’ at UN

GOP nominee says resolution a ‘one-sided attempt to ignore Israel’s 3,000-year bond’ to Jerusalem, promises Israel will have ‘true, loyal friend in US’ under his administration

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump weighed in on Thursday on a controversial resolution approved earlier in the day by the UN’s cultural arm that erases the Jewish connection to Jerusalem and its holy sites, calling the move a “one-sided attempt to ignore Israel’s 3,000-year bond to its capital city” and “further evidence of the enormous anti-Israel bias” at the United Nations.

Trump said that under his potential administration, “the United States will recognize Jerusalem as the one true capital of Israel” and that “Israel will have a true, loyal and lasting friend in the United States of America.”

“Jerusalem is the enduring capital of the Jewish People and the overwhelming majority of Congress has voted to recognize Jerusalem as just that,” he said in a statement published on Facebook Thursday, hours after the vote, adding that the “United Nations’ attempt to disconnect the State of Israel from Jerusalem is a one-sided attempt to ignore Israel’s 3,000-year bond to its capital city, and is further evidence of the enormous anti-Israel bias of the UN.”
Trump also took the opportunity to criticize the Obama administration for a document last month which removed the word “Israel” from the Jerusalem dateline of a transcript of President Barack Obama’s eulogy at the funeral of the late Israeli statesman Shimon Peres.
“The decision by the Obama Administration to strike the word ‘Israel’ after the word ‘Jerusalem’ in the President’s prepared text was a capitulation to Israel’s enemies, and a posthumous embarrassment to Shimon Peres, whose memory the President was attempting to honor,” Trump said.
US policy since 1949 has been not to recognize Jerusalem as belonging to any nation until its status is settled through peace talks.
Israeli politicians reacted furiously to the UNESCO decision Thursday, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu calling it “absurd,” and President Reuven Rivlin saying it an “embarrassment” for the UN body.
Lawmakers from both the right and left of the political spectrum said the decision, which refers to the Temple Mount and Western Wall only by their Muslim names and condemns Israel as “the occupying power” for various actions taken in both places, was ill-befitting of UNESCO.
The Executive Board of UNESCO is next week set to approve the resolution, which passed Thursday at the committee stage.
A host of American Jewish organizations also slammed UNESCO, accusing the organization of rewriting history as a way of undermining the legitimacy of the State of Israel.
Twenty-four countries voted in favor of the resolution Thursday afternoon, six against and 26 abstained, though ambassador Carmel Shama-Hacohen praised the diplomatic effort that had changed several no votes in a similar resolution in April into abstentions this time around.
It was “a significant accomplishment,” that countries like France, Sweden, Argentina and India, which had earlier supported the declaration, now abstained, he told Army Radio.
“It’s not pleasant, ”he said, “but I’m pleased by the decision, relatively, because it was clear the decision would pass but we didn’t know which countries would support it. We had the goal of gaining back French support and our friends in Europe,” he said.
Voting in favor of the resolution were: Algeria, Bangladesh, Brazil, Chad, China, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Iran, Lebanon, Malaysia, Morocco, Mauritius, Mexico, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Russia, Senegal, South Africa, Sudan and Vietnam.
Voting against were: Estonia, Germany, Lithuania, The Netherlands, United Kingdom and United States.
Abstaining were: Albania, Argentina, Cameroon, El Salvador, France, Ghana, Greece, Guinea, Haiti, India, Italy, Ivory Coast, Japan, Kenya, Nepal, Paraguay, Saint Vincent and Nevis, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Togo, Trinidad and Tobago, Uganda and Ukraine.
Absent were: Serbia and Turkmenistan.

New York Times does not mention Wikileaks at all in today's issue

If you picked up a New York Times today, you would not know that Wikileaks dumped 2,000 damaging emails just yesterday .....
The New York Times is now owned by an anti-Semitic Mexican...
if you listened to NBC news, you wouldn't know that HELLiry is a dangerous crook .........and that she boasted that she has a great relationship with Loretta Lynch the Attorney General, the one who was in charge of the FBI investigation!
The media is in the tank for the old bag and the US is in big trouble .....

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Hillary Clinton is a Threat to Religious Liberty

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In a speech not long before she launched her 2016 presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton made a stunning declaration of war on religious Americans. 

Speaking to the 2015 Women in the World Summit, Clinton declared that “deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.”

Religious beliefs have to be changed? This is perhaps the most radical statement against religious liberty ever uttered by someone seeking the presidency. It is also deeply revealing. Clinton believes that, as president, it is her job not to respect the views of religious conservatives but to force them to change their beliefs and bend to her radical agenda favoring taxpayer-funded abortion on demand.
This is the context in which we must read a recently released trove of emails – which, according to WikiLeaks, come from the accounts of Clinton staff – showing the rampant anti-Catholic bigotry that permeates Clinton World.
In a 2012 email that WikiLeaks says was sent to John Podesta, now chairman of the Clinton campaign, Voices for Progress president Sandy Newman writes that “there needs to be a Catholic Spring, in which Catholics themselves demand the end of a middle ages dictatorship and the beginning of a little democracy and respect for gender equality in the Catholic church” and proposed that the Clinton team “plant the seeds of the revolution” to change Catholic teaching. Podesta replies, “We created Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good to organize for a moment like this . . . Likewise Catholics United.” He adds, “I’ll discuss with Tara. Kathleen Kennedy Townsend is the other person to consult.”
So members of the Clinton’s inner circle created front groups to foment a “Catholic Spring” – because, as their dear leader had announced, “deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.”
That’s not all. In another email exchange with the subject line “Conservative Catholicism,” Clinton communications director Jennifer Palmieri and Podesta co-author John Halpin appear to mock Catholics and evangelical Christians for their “backwards” views. Halpin ridicules Fox News chairman Rupert Murdoch for raising his kids Catholic, declaring “Friggin’ Murdoch baptized his kids in Jordan where John the Baptist baptized Jesus. Many of the most powerful elements of the conservative movement are all Catholic (many converts) from the SC and think tanks to the media and social groups. It’s an amazing bastardization of the faith. They must be attracted to the systematic thought and severely backwards gender relations and must be totally unaware of Christian democracy.”
Palmieri responds that Catholicism “is the most socially acceptable politically conservative religion. Their rich friends wouldn’t understand if they became evangelicals.” “Excellent point,” Halpin responds, adding that “they can throw around ‘Thomistic’ thought and ‘subsidiarity’ and sound sophisticated because no one knows what the hell they’re talking about.” Podesta is included on both emails.
The hostility to people of faith here is simply breathtaking. Apparently when Clinton aides speak in private, their basket of “deplorables” includes faithful Catholics and evangelicals who believe in the sanctity of human life. If they had made such comments about any other group, they would be politically excommunicated.
Yet the mainstream media has, for the most part, ignored these revelations of anti-religious bias. After Donald Trump’s disgusting comments about women were leaked, his vice-presidential running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, was besieged with questions of whether he would leave the ticket. Has anyone asked Clinton’s running mate, Sen. Tim Kaine, D-Va.,who professes to be a faithful Catholic, whether he will quit the ticket over this? Does he agree that Catholics are “backwards,” that the Catholic Church is a “middle ages dictatorship” and that it is the job of politicians to foment a “Catholic Spring”? Does he agree that Democrats should be creating front groups to launch a “revolution” against the bishops? Does he share Clinton’s belief that the “religious views” of American Catholics “have to be changed”? He should be forced to answer.
Imagine what might happen if people with these kinds of bigoted views gain the levers of power. Trump’s behavior toward women is appalling, but the republic has survived with sexual miscreants in the Oval Office (see Clinton, William Jefferson and Kennedy, John Fitzgerald). If Clinton is elected, she could be the most consequential president in history in terms of reshaping the nation’s highest court. She will immediately get to pick a Supreme Court justice to replace the late Antonin Scalia. And if other justices retire – such as Ruth Bader Ginsburg (83), Anthony Kennedy (80) and Stephen Breyer (78) – she could select as many as four new justices. Does anyone imagine that Clinton and her team will pick justices who respect religious liberty? Not a chance.
Speaking at the American Enterprise Institute’s annual dinner, Professor Robert George pointed out that while our Founding Fathers were a mixed lot when it came to religion, they all understood the importance of religious freedom. That is why, he said, “our Bill of Rights begins with the words ‘Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.’ We get that principle . . . before we ever get to ‘or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people to assemble peaceably [and to] petition the government for redress of grievances.’ ” They knew that religious liberty was essential to “dignity of the person,” he added.
The Clinton campaign emails have thus put the stakes of this election in sharp relief not only for Americans of faith but also for all those who care about human dignity. Clinton’s presidency would be a threat to the religious freedom of all Americans. Let’s see if all those on the left who have complained about bigotry this election season call out Clinton and her team- or give her a pass.
Thiessen, a fellow with the American Enterprise Institute and former chief speechwriter to President George W. Bush, writes a weekly online column for The Washington Post.
Special To The Washington Post · Marc A. Thiessen 

Bais Hamikdash never happened says the UN

Image result for bais hamikdash

PM Netanyahu responded sharply to the scandalous UNESCO decision denying any Jewish connection to Temple Mount by inviting UNESCO members to visit the Arch of Titus and see for themselves which treasures were plundered 2000 years ago from the Temple.

Netanyahu was speaking at a Bible forum which took place at his house. He said that "The UNESCO theater show goes on. Today it took a ridiculous decision denying the connection between the Jewish people and the Western Wall.

"It's like saying that the Chinese have no connection to the Great Wall of China and the Egyptians have no connection to the pyramids," added Netanyahu.

Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein also spoke out against the UN after its decision to deny Jewish connection to Temple mount and Western Wall, saying that the UN is "disconnected from reality and history."

The UNESCO resolution was approved by 24 countries, among them Russia and China with whom Israel had recently prided itself on strengthening ties with them. 6 countries opposed the resolution- the US as well as Germany, Holland, Britain, Estonia and Lithuania.

In the conference convened today by the governing body of UNESCO, the Palestinians with the support of many Arab countries promoted a decision claiming that Temple Mount, mentioned only in Arabic as 'Haram a-Sharif" and not by its Jewish name, is a site holy to Moslems alone.

Poll: 92% of Israeli businesses don’t want to open on Shabbat

A shabbat Table

Ninety-two percent of Israeli business owners say that they don’t want to open on Shabbat, according to a recent study, while 98% of businesses said they wouldn’t take customers' calls on the Jewish holy day. These were the statistics that emerged from a study conducted on Israeli businesses.

CofaceBDI, an Israeli Business information group, conducted the study on 135 businesses across the country. The results of the study, contrary to opinions voiced by the secular community, revealed that most business owners don’t want to open on Shabbat.

Contrary to this, only 8% noted that they are interested in opening their shops on Shabbat. Ninety-eight percent of respondents said they would not answer calls from customers on Shabbat.

In addition, 21% of businesses said that their business would have more proceeds if it were open on Shabbat while 32% said their proceeds would remain the same. Nearly half (47%) said their proceeds would be lower if they opened on Shabbat.

More than four-fifths (81%) said the decision to open for business on Sabbath should be left to the discretion of the owner and 19% said it should not be.

Just over half (51%) said public transportation should run on Shabbat.
The 'Shabbat Shivyon' organization, which represents the interests of businesses that are working to remain closed on Shabbat, said that “the results of this poll show that business owners are not interested in remaining open on Shabbat but would rather spend quality time with their families on a weekly basis.”