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Monday, March 27, 2017

Satmar Rebbe of Monroe disses His Brother Satmar Rebbe of Williamsburg and States Jerusalem Protests Create Unacceptable Chaos

So this Monroe leader of Satmar, the guy that was pro the Iran deal, and had his community write letters to Congress that they  not to attend Netanyahu's address ...will do anything to kick his brother to the curb.
Even if he secretly agrees with him ....

Just yesterday we posted that R' Zalman Leib, Satmar Rebbe of Williamsburg called for violent protests in the "Chuchim fin dee ma nistana" R' Aron, Monroe Satmar Rebbe stated that its not a good idea to block traffic ....

Not because he cares for another Jew....... not because he worries that some Jew will get to work, or get home late....... naaaaaaaaaaaaa....
It's because his crazed brother called for protests and backs the fanatic bachelor Shmuley Auerbach!

Here is what Sandy Eller reported in VIN
The Satmar Rebbe’s words came Monday morning after Shacharis and he noted that while Satmar forbids military service, it has never been the Satmar way for Chasidim to simply not register for the army. Instead, for decades Charedim have followed an established protocol that had them exempted from the army when they came to register.
“This was done during the time of the Divrei Yoel,” said Rabbi Teitelbaum, referring to Rabbi Joel Teitelbaum, known to be a fierce critic of Israel and its military.  “Despite the Divrei Yoel’s opposition to the State of Israel, his talmidim always went to register for the army.  Reb Yoel never saw this as an act of zealotry or as expressing his approval of Zionism.”
The Rabbi noted that, the practice still continues today, and there is an organization that works closely with Charedim to help them receive their military exemption once they register for the army.
But a new group that has broken with that long standing tradition and are instead encouraging Charedim to shut down city streets with regular protests. the Rabbi said.
“These people are not zealots,” said Rabbi Teitelbaum.  “They are newcomers who have no understanding of how to fight against the Zionists.  We have waged war against the Zionists for more than 60 years but have never seen this kind of lawlessness and chaos.  The citizens of Jerusalem are living terribly difficult lives because of these people, and there is no one taking responsibility and authorizing this type of disruptive behavior.”
Demonstrators have continued to wreak havoc in Jerusalem in recent weeks, with protesters attempting to disrupt the Jerusalem marathon, a large event that drew 25,000 runners and thousands of spectators.  Police also clashed with Charedim who hung IDF soldiers in effigy on Purim
“People need to go to learn and to work, and entire roadways are impassable because of the protests,” said Rabbi Teitelbaum.  “A woman who is giving birth cannot get to the hospital.  These actions are irresponsible and cause every resident of Jerusalem to suffer.  There is no excuse for this type of behavior.”
Problems that affect the Charedi community are not unique to Israel, explained the Satmar Rebbe, noting that the recent issues that have arisen in regard to metzitzah b’peh have created enormous tension in New York.
“Yet it has never occurred to anyone to shut down the streets of Williamsburg in protest,” said Rabbi Teitelbaum.  “It would be easy to create chaos by shutting down the streets in New York City but no one would ever do it, yet in Jerusalem they do. Who is allowing this? It is unacceptable.”
The Satmar Rebbe also noted that he is very troubled by a recent increase in Charedi enrollment in the army.  He reiterated Satmar’s long standing opposition to military service and called on Charedi rabbonim to speak out strongly against joining the IDF. 
Faced with these issues, Rabbi Teitelbaum called for Monday to be a day of prayer and urged his followers to pray for the draft to be annulled and for the violence and disruption to end, but made it clear that he in no way supported those who have been promoting disruptive protests.
“Our prayers today should not in any way be considered as an approval of the actions of these misguided zealots and their divisive riots,” said Rabbi Teitelbau.  “Violence is not our way.”

22 Chareidie Perverts Arrested in Charedi Neighborhoods

Arrests and searches in Betar Illit, Bnei Brak, and Jerusalem for community sex crime cover up.

The Israeli Police announced an undercover investigation into sexual crimes committed in Charedi communities and in neighborhoods in Betar Illit, Bnei Brak, and Jerusalem. In the overnight operation police arrested 22 suspects and searched homes.

The crimes were allegedly committed over a period of two years. The ongoing investigation gathered evidence against suspects who carried out crimes within the communities.

Community members did not report the information to authorities or social workers and tried to cover up the sexual crimes that were being committed. 

Members of the community preferred to employ "law of the jungle" methods to deal with the crimes. The incidents were documented by members of the community and police acquired this evidence.

The ages of the suspects arrested range between 20 and 60 years old.

Police were faced with disturbances in the Charedi communities during the arrests and damage was caused to police cars involved in the operation.

All suspects are being questioned at the Jerusalem police department and will appear before the courts based on the developments of the investigation.

United States Ambassador to the UN blasts the body's anti-Israel bias, vows to end it.

Nikki Haley, the United States Ambassador to the UN, on Monday afternoon spoke at the 2017 AIPAC policy conference in Washington, DC, and stressed that “there’s a new sheriff in town” at the United Nations.

“I was confused” when she saw that Israel was the focus of discussions on the Middle East at the UN, admitted Haley, adding she expected the discussions to focus on issues such as Syria, the Islamic State (ISIS) and Hezbollah, not on Israel.

“I didn’t expect an Israel bashing session. I knew they said it was bad, but until you hear it and see it, you can’t comprehend how ridiculous it is,” she added.

The Ambassador criticized the nuclear deal signed between Iran and six world powers.
“When the Iran deal took place, all it did was empower Iran and Russia and it emboldened Iran. We’re going to watch Iran like a hawk. We’re going to make sure that everything they do is watched, processed and dealt with,” promised Haley. “Why [the Iran deal] was ever allowed to go through, why it was ever passed, is beyond me. It’s terrible.”

She stressed that she’s not at the UN “to play. What I wanted to make sure is that the United States starts leading. Leading is not saying things when it’s comfortable. It’s saying and doing things when it’s not comfortable.”

The goal “is to have the backs of our allies”, said Haley, and ensure that something like the anti-Israel Resolution 2334, which criticized Israeli “settlements”, never happens again.
“When Resolution 2334 happened, and the U.S. abstained, the entire country felt a kick in the gut. Never before have we not had the backs of our friends. We don’t have a better friend than Israel. To see that happen was hurtful…today, everyone at the UN is scared to talk to me about Resolution 2334. I wanted them to understand that it happened, but it will never happen again.”

“The days of Israel bashing [at the UN] are over,” Haley declared. “We have a lot of things to talk about. There are a lot of threats to peace and security, but you’re not going to take our number one democratic friend in the Middle East and beat up on it.”

She cited two recent incidents at the UN in which the United States had Israel’s back and was able to get the UN to change its position.

“When they decided to try to put a Palestinian in one of the highest positions they had ever been given at the UN, we said no, and we had him booted out,” she said, referring to the UN’s decision to appoint former PA leader Salam Fayyad as its envoy to Libya.
“Until the Palestinian Authority does what it’s supposed to, there are no freebies for the Palestinian Authority anymore,” stressed Haley.

“Then they tested us again and this ridiculous report comparing Israel to an apartheid state comes out,” she continued, in reference to the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) report which accused Israel of imposing “apartheid” on Palestinian Arabs.

The first thing the American mission did in response to the report was call Secretary-General Antonio Gutteres and demand he pull the report, noted Haley. Gutteres indeed pulled the report and subsequently the head of ESCWA, Rima Khalaf, resigned.
“So for anybody who says that you can't get anything done at the UN, they need to understand that there's a new sheriff in town,” declared Haley.

She thanked the public, who welcomed her with warm applause, for their support, but stressed, “All I did was tell the truth.”

Charedi Man Calls Frum Solider "Chardak" ...Soldier finally fights back

The Chareidie fooled the frum soldier into thinking that he was getting  a blessing ...he then put his hand on the soldier's head to "give him the bracha" but instead called him "Chardak" "cockroach"..
The soldier had enough of this crap and beat the hell out of the Chareidie...
Some have claimed that the Chareidie is mentally retarded .....that is absolutely not true ....he had enough brains to fool the soldier ....
Soldiers have to finally stand up and fight this insanity ....I'll bet this "mentally retarted" guy will never ever fool another Frum Soldier again ...

Satmar Of Williamsburg And The Eida Chareidis Officially Join Hands With ‘Peleg Yerushalmi’ Led By the Fanatic Auerbach

A Poster from the HIsachdus Ha'Ganuvim 
The Badatz Eida Chareidis and the Satmar Rebbe  of Williamsburg have announced that they stand firmly behind the position of the "gangster" Auerbach in his battle against registering for and serving in the IDF. 

The letter from the Bais Din Tzedek of Congregation Yetav Lev,  speaks of the “Shouts heard in Eretz Yisroel from Acheinu Bnei Yisrael” due to the “government of Kofrim”, and talks about the “tens and hundreds of yeshiva Bochrim” that have been jailed.
As such, Monday erev Rosh Chodesh Nissan, Yom Kippur Koton, has been declared a special Yom Tefilla due to the situation in Israel.

“למען אחינו בנ”י הנתונים בצרה, קבענו יום תפילה וזעקה ואמירת יו”כ קטן בער”ח ניסן יום ב’ ויקרא הבעל”ט להצטרף עם אחנב”י בכל מקומות מושבתם ולהתאסף בבתי מדרשות לאמירת תהלים ולעורר רחמים להתחנן לפני אבינו שבשמים שיאמר לצרות ישראל די, ולהעביר ולבטל הגזירות הקשות, ויציל את השארית הנאמנה מיד הקמים עליהם, וכל היועץ עליהם עצה ומחשבה רעה תופר עצתו ותקלקל מחשבתו, וזרועות רשעים תשברנה ולא תעשינה ידיהם תושיה. והן קל כביר לא ימאס תפילת רבים”

The rebbe (the fool) added “Eis Ratzon Hi L’Yaakov due to the harsh gezeiros of the evil rule which seeks to swallow up all that is holy to us,” calling on anash to take part in the Yom Tefilla.

The official statements of support from the Eida and Satmar gives a significant push to the Peleg Yerushalmi branch in their battle against the IDF.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Auerbach Fanatic Bucher Attempts To Kick Lady In The Behind!

Now kicking a lady in the Ass is Mitzvah! ........ I wonder what his mother or sister thinks about that?
Zu Torah Ve'Zu Sechurah?
Is this the reward for learning Torah?

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Yoel Oberlander admits that he fondled a lady on a plane

A registered sex offender from Rockland County admitted Wednesday that he repeatedly fondled a woman on a flight from Israel to Newark, federal authorities said.
Yoel Oberlander, 36, of Monsey pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court in Newark to assault with the intent to stalk, Acting U.S. Attorney William E. Fitzpatrick said.
Oberlander was sitting next to the victim and her mother on a May 29 El Al flight from Tel Aviv to Newark Liberty International Airport, Fitzpatrick said.
During the flight, he admitted Wednesday, he "touched [the victim] in the area of her chest, upper thigh, and hand without her consent, and that he did so with the intent to harass and intimidate her," Fitzpatrick said.
Records show Oberlander pleaded guilty in New York in 2002 to sexually assaulting an 11-year-old girl. He was sentenced to six months probation and moved to Monsey in 2005, records show.
Oberlander also was arrested on trespassing charges in 2012 after police said he entered a boys' dormitory at a Catskills sleep-away camp for Orthodox boys 13 and 14 years old.
Fitzpatrick credited special agents of the FBI, along with Port Authority police. Assistant U.S. Attorneys Melissa M. Wangenheim and Joyce M. Malliet of Fitzpatrick's Criminal Division in Newark are handling the case.

Rabbis Condemn Specious Accusations Of Anti-Semitism Against Trump and His Administration

The Coalition for Jewish Values today harshly condemned “specious accusations of anti-Semitism” coming from sectors of the Jewish community, directed at US government officials and the Trump Administration as a whole, dismissing these allegations as “unfounded, damaging and embarrassing.”

CJV Senior Rabbinic Fellow Rabbi Avrohom Gordimer remarked, “these recriminations are clearly motivated by politics, as they lack logic and defy objective facts. Critics are deliberately ignoring the Administration’s concrete actions of friendship and vocal support for the State of Israel and Jewish values.”

“We have seen this repeatedly,” said Rabbi Yaakov Menken, Director of the CJV. “Steve Bannon, Michael Anton, Sebastian Gorka, and President Trump himself. Unless you redefine anti-Semitism as ‘advocating conservative values,’ not one of these men qualifies.”

CJV Senior Rabbinic Fellow Rabbi Dov Fischer added, “Jewish Americans owe a profound and deep apology to these men and to so many others in American conservative circles who have been slandered as ‘anti-Jewish’ despite their profound, consistent, and lifelong support for Israel, the Jewish community and Jewish interests.”

Concerning the Trump Administration, the CJV pointed to the open friendship with Jews and Israel of the President, Vice President Pence, UN Ambassador Nikki Haley and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, to cite but a few examples, and the extraordinary steps US officials have taken to counter anti-Semitic bigotry at the UN and restore close collaboration with the government of Israel. 

“The accusations of Jew-hatred are contrived and hollow,” added CJV Senior Rabbinic Fellow Rabbi Steven Pruzansky, “and serve only to mask real Jew-hatred that is occurring throughout the world and which the Trump Administration is vigorously fighting.”

“There is something unprecedented and malevolent in these manufactured accusations,” said CJV Senior Rabbinic Fellow Rabbi Aryeh Spero. “False accusations against individuals with long histories of genuine friendship towards the Jewish people and State of Israel can cause nothing but alienation of our friends and allies. 

But die-hard liberals seem not to care, showing that their primary loyalty is to the advancement of liberal politics and power over truth and the interests of the Jewish people. Their indifference to anti-Semitism from the Left affirms that their religion and worship is political liberalism.”

Bolstering this claim, Rabbi Gordimer added that “these same individuals endorse purported friends of the State of Israel who mouth vague platitudes of friendship while consistently stabbing Israel in the back.”

Rabbi Spero elaborated: 
“Hypocritically, they have been absolutely quiet regarding vile anti-Semitism coming from Islamic groups, Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street, the Rev. Al Sharpton and Rep. Keith Ellison, and were cheerleaders for Obama’s Iran Deal, though Iranian leaders boasted that the deal would enable it to destroy Israel and murder its Jewish citizens.”

The Coalition for Jewish Values (CJV), a national organization directed by prominent rabbinic leaders, articulates an authentic Jewish perspective on current events, and promotes Jewish values through writing and teaching derived from traditional Jewish thought.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Zionists State rates as the 11th Happiest Country in the World ...US Rates 14th...... Zionist State rates 9th Healthiest Country ...US rates 34th

According to Bloomberg, the 2017 "Happiest Country Index" , The Zionist State of Israel rates as number 11 while the US, rates 14....... something to think about!

In respect to health, the Bloomberg 2017 "Healthiest Country Index" the Zionist State of Israel rates 9th, while the USA rates 34

Shmuel Auerbach's Crazy Fanatics Cause Havoc and Chaos ... Close Roads with violant Protests

This old bachelor, Shmuel Auerbach, the leader of the "Pelegs" and the Litvisher Al Sharpton, has gone off the deep end and called for his crazed sheep to close all main highways in Israel to protest the arrest of three of his folowers! 

It should be noted that ALL Gedoilim, be they litvish or Chassidish are opposed to him... some have even referred to him as a זקן  ממרה  

His followers are guys that never punched a clock in their entire lives and think nothing of stopping cars, buses loaded with working people attempting to get home to see their wives and children. 

Monday, March 20, 2017

Lizensk Yurzeit flight to Poland makes emergency landing due to depressurization

A Titan Airways flight from Stansted, London to Rzeszow, Poland had to make an emergency landing in Amsterdam on Sunday.
The flight was carrying mainly ultra-Orthodox Jewish passengers said to be on a pilgrimage to the grave of Rabbi Elimelech of Lizhensk, one of the founding rabbis of the Hassidic movement, who died in 1787.
When the cabin lost pressure the plane sent out a mayday call and ultimately landed safely Sunday morning at Schipol Airport in the Dutch capital, according to British media.
In pictures and videos from the incident, the passengers were seen wearing oxygen masks, praying and singing singing “Ani Ma’amin”.
None of the 272 passengers and crew were injured in the incident.
An airline spokesman said “there were no injuries amongst the passengers and crew but on arrival the aircraft was met by emergency service personnel as a precaution to ensure the welfare of the passengers.”
  1. Singing 🎶 A plane on the way back from Poland full of yiden Lost oxygen 38,000 feet above water plane landed safety in Amsterdam
  2. Amazing 常に迫害の危機にあるユダヤ人の日常は、 毎日が緊急事態 ウルトラ・オーソドックス・ジュー, 通称・黒装束の 酸欠機内でマスク付けて平然と神を賛美するお姿

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Frum sisters say "frock you" to traditional dressing

Two Orthodox sisters living in Brooklyn want to break the stigma associated with dressing modestly.
Australian transplants Simi Polonsky and Chaya Chanin are the creators of fashion label The Frock NYC, which adheres to the strict dress code required in the Orthodox Jewish community — but does so with a fashionable flair.
Orthodox and Hasidic women must cover their knees, shoulders, neckline and other areas of their bodies deemed “immodest.”
“To the average person, the stereotype of an Orthodox Jewish woman and many modest-dressing women is that they’re dowdy, unattractive and frumpy,” Polonsky told The Post.
As a teen, Polonsky struggled to adhere to the dress code, prompting her to work on creative ways to cover up without crimping her personal style and forming the basis for her eventual fashion line.
“It was so uncool to dress modest. I didn’t want to be uncool, so how can we coolify being modest,” the designer told The Post.
Shternie Mangami and Zelda Volkov count themselves as big fans of the brand and praise it for making shopping easier.
“It was always hard for me to find cute clothing because of our modest restrictions, and I find that that’s what attracts everyone to them — that they’re so fun and hip and exciting,” Volkov told The Post.
While The Frock’s designs are considered demure by many standards, critics of the label argue any push towards modernity is controversial and hurts the community.
“I can’t believe that this woman in this community or these women are wearing this and promoting this, and what’s gonna happen to our children. If our daughters see this, what’s the next thing?” Chanin said of the reaction she has received from some of her peers.
Rabbi Simon Jacobson explained, “It’s a real raw-nerve type of topic. It touches the buttons.”
Controversy aside, the label has cultivated a following. The owners, who founded the business in 2010, said they started out small by dressing women in their Jewish community but now have customers all over the globe.
The designers see no conflict between their traditional dress code and free expression.
“We live in America, the country that is governed by probably the most laws that you can, and we’re known as the land of the free. So to us, having guidelines and boundaries doesn’t take away our freedom,” Polonsky told The Post.
Rabbi Jacobson said even though the fashion label is controversial, he believes it is ultimately positive for the Jewish community.
“I love the idea that people are attempting to bridge the two worlds. To show that traditional Judaism is very much with the times, can be very cool, can be very hip, can be very fashionable and beautiful,” Jacobson told The Post.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Satmar couple’s kinky open marriage

James tucked his side curls behind his ears and tore off his yarmulke as he left the hotel.
Waiting for him in the parking lot in her car was a sultry brunette stranger, and they were both eager for their first date at an Italian restaurant in Omaha, Neb.
They hit it off. After the meal, they stopped at a golf course and had sex behind a hedge.
“She told me to grab a stick and kept asking me to hit her harder,” the married father recalled about the tryst that unfolded during a business trip last May. “Then she sent a photo of her black-and-blue bruises a few days later.”
It was just another night in James’ double life.
By day, he and his wife, Monica, are Hasidic Jews living in the heart of Williamsburg. But by night, the attractive 30-somethings pursue kinky sex as a swinging couple on the online dating app Tinder.
In a series of interviews granted to The Post over the last month, both revealed their secret pastime on the condition that their names and certain identifying details be changed to prevent expulsion from their religious community.
“We look the part, but don’t follow any of the rules,” Monica said of her strict Orthodox faith, as the couple dined with a reporter at a decidedly unkosher Thai restaurant.
At night, the couple regularly shed the black overcoats and floor-length skirts required by their religion, and appear like an attractive, well-off couple in trendy clothes. In his first meeting with The Post, James wore jeans and a green T-shirt, while Monica donned an orange top with dainty shoulder cut-outs, her golden-brown hair pinned in a messy bun. Her wig, which Orthodox women are required to wear in a nod to modesty, was left in the car.
When it comes to monogamy, James and Monica don’t play by the rules. Since 2014, the couple has used Tinder to swing using both separate profiles and one joint one. Each of them searches the app for individual rendezvous, or sometimes they “swipe right” together when they’ve located an attractive woman for a ménage-à-trois. They look for lovers aged 25 to 40 for “casual fun” and “emotional connections.”
Although they proclaim themselves “Hasidic” at the top of their dating profiles, the accompanying photos are anything but straightlaced. Monica’s ample bust is hugged by a shapely black bra, but her eyes are obscured by a bar. James, cropped at the neck, shows off his toned torso and upper arms.
“Looking for multicultural experience. Due to our situation, we don’t have the liberty to expose ourselves on here,” their joint profile explains.
In short bios underneath, James touts his “role play” abilities, while Monica says she “loves to laugh.”
“Please don’t be shy, say hi,” it beckons.
James describes himself as 100 percent straight, but Monica is bisexual. “She’s more like 70 percent into men, 30 into women,” he said, as Monica grinned and nodded.
The couple have a brood of children between the ages of 3 and 18. They, like all families of the Satmar sect, observe the Sabbath, go to temple every week, and speak only in Yiddish in the house or when around other members of the ultra-Orthodox community.
Naturally, they are cautious about how they woo potential conquests.
Once a hot single shows interest in them, creating a “match,” they typically make a move.
“Hi Beautiful” they usually message first. After a little back-and-forth banter, they share their phone number. They each have their own cellphones, but use a shared third phone when communicating as a couple with potential partners.
“First we like to meet at a public place and have dinner. At least if we don’t hit it off with them, we got to enjoy a nice meal,” James joked.
While waiting for a date to show up a few weeks ago, the pair sat on bar stools at a trendy Williamsburg restaurant, facing each other, their knees almost touching as they talked casually and laughed.
When the woman arrived, James placed his hand on Monica’s lower back as they stood to greet her.
If all goes well on a date, they decide together how to proceed.
“Sometimes we’re both interested in someone, or sometimes just one of us is,” Monica said.
Their extramarital dalliances first began about 10 years ago, after James started flirting with a non-Jewish waitress who worked at a restaurant where he did business. After several weeks of instant-messaging with her, James was wracked with guilt. He confessed to Monica, hoping she wouldn’t be heartbroken.
Her reaction shocked him.
“I was excited by it,” Monica said. “It turned me on to know another woman desired my husband.”
As they talked about it, they realized they both craved sexual and emotional relationships outside their marriage.
They started slowly, getting “happy-ending” massages together, attending fetish parties and flirting.
Four years later, James had his first affair — with his married, Hasidic assistant.
“She’s very seductive and fit. One day I came over to fix something at her place. She immediately grabbed me and took me to her bedroom,” James said.
Afterwards James and Monica tried a threesome with the other woman.
“She came over for a sleepover, but wasn’t ready,” James recalled. “[Monica] and I were kissing and she felt like a third wheel.
She went downstairs and slept on the couch. We were pretty disappointed.”
It was almost as disappointing as the way they first met — through a family matchmaker, just weeks before their arranged marriage. He was 20 and she was 18, both virgins, and they met just once before the nuptials.
“Though we love each other, we didn’t have that butterflies-in-your-stomach love,” said James.
But the strangers did develop chemistry in bed.
“We are very lucky. We’re actually quite attracted to each other,” Monica said.
They found that open marriage suits them better than their culture’s strict monogamy.
“We don’t have jealousy,” Monica said. “We never got to date people, so that made it easier for us.”
They even encourage love affairs with others.
“It’s been so beautiful to watch [Monica] fall in love with someone else,” James said.
Monica needs emotional connections with others before getting physical.
“She’s all about talking and vibing well with someone,” James said.
James has a taste for S&M and for the uninhibited random encounters that can come from sex outside the marriage. “If I’m with a woman and we want to have sex in the park, we can,” he said.
But with a double life comes the cost — keeping secrets from family, friends and synagogue, sheltering their children from their hidden truths, and taking many precautions.
“We don’t want to take any chances,” Monica said.
They keep their modern clothes hidden from their children and have no social media beyond their Tinder accounts. They tell everyone that their forbidden cellphones are for work purposes. They use condoms — illicit among Hasidim — religiously.
Their kids attend yeshiva. Monica keeps kosher, and they pray and sing the Torah before meals.
“No one can tell we’re different. We look traditional. We blend in,” Monica said.
After all, the consequences of getting caught would be dire.
“What they’re doing involves breaking a host of serious taboos.,” said Hella Winston, author of “Unchosen: The Hidden Lives of Hasidic Rebels.”
Adultery is illegal under Jewish law, and offenders are punished with banishment from the community. Husbands and wives are not even allowed to touch each other during a woman’s menstruation. The sexes are kept separate in the synagogue, at weddings and on buses.
Monica and James are outwardly religious, but no longer believe in their faith.
“Questioning God was a very difficult process for me,” said James, who began having doubts as a young man reading Skeptic magazine and “The God Delusion” by Richard Dawkins. “Religion has a strong hold on your thoughts and the way you think.”
The couple chooses to remain part of the insular community because “we don’t want to lose our family,” Monica said. “We would be shunned forever.”
But they are willing to risk all to share their story.
“We want to inspire other Hasidic couples who also have doubts about God and their marriage,” said James. “We hope to lead by example. By speaking out and breaking the taboo, we hope other Hasidic couples will do the same and feel less alone.”