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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Pro-Haredi soldiers demonstration in Jerusalem

Demonstrators take part at a protest in support of Ultra-Orthodox soldiers in Jerusalem on June 22, 2017, following recent attacks against ultra-Orthodox soldiers.

Thoughts on the haredi anti-IDF rally in New York

Rabbi Berel Wein is a noted scholar, historian, speaker and educator, admired the world over for his audio tapes/CDs, videos and books, particularly on Jewish history.

Ideologies and long-held beliefs die hard, even when they have long been surpassed by events and circumstances. Those who believed in them and promulgated them find it difficult, if not impossible, to adjust to the reality of the current actual situation. There are many examples of this present in today's world. 

There still are anarchists and Marxists in academia and in other influential positions. The events of the past century are ignored by them and they continue to hold onto the fantasy of some sort of perfect world built upon utopian Marxist philosophy. Ignoring facts is often a bad habit that affects the intelligentsia and elite amongst us. 

After twenty years, a strong case can be made that the Oslo agreements were not such a good idea after all. An even stronger case can be made regarding the withdrawal from Gaza, which was a really very bad idea. Yet the ideologues who foisted these very questionable policies upon us stubbornly refuse to admit that perhaps they were mistaken. Those who desire an illusory peace at almost any price still abound and gain great media coverage while continuing to promote ideas that have long since become irrelevant and really unimportant. 

But in the world of the doctrinaire Left (and the doctrinaire Right as well,) once a believer will always remain a believer. The recycling of past ideas and policies that have been proven by events to have been mistaken, only serves to prevent the creation of new ideas and new policies that perhaps could help further the current welfare of our country and the world at large.

In the United States we are witness to the fact that the Democratic Party simply cannot accept the fact that it was defeated in the last presidential election. Mrs. Clinton continues to campaign and to blame her defeat upon everyone besides herself. Time and effort are being spent on issues that are not relevant to the welfare and future of the United States but rather, are purely political in nature and partisan in their presentation. 

Donald Trump was not elected by Vladimir Putin. He was elected by the disgruntled voters of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio and Florida. Recognizing this and internalizing these results will allow the Democrats to move forward and be a constructive force in the American political process. But the idea that Mrs. Clinton was entitled to win and should have won dies very hard. 

Events must somehow be wrong and reversible if they do not fit into the preconceived notions of the pundits and experts. After all, how can it be that all of the smart and beautiful people amongst us should been mistaken on such an important issue as electing a president of the United States of America? The unwillingness to let go creates enormous problems for a country that is already beset with major difficulties. The public interest would seem to demand that the election results of November 2016 already be laid to rest. But the losers just can't let go.

There was a rally recently in Barclay Center in Brooklyn – it is the home arena of the Brooklyn Nets professional basketball team – regarding the drafting of haredim into the IDF. The rally was sponsored by certain extremist groups in the camp of Orthodox Jewry both in Israel and the United States. It costs a lot of money to lease the Barclay Center for such an event, but money is no object when religious ideology is being promoted. 

The rally turned into an anti-Zionist forum and predictably became an anti-Israel gathering as well. The struggle of Zionism and the Jewish world was perhaps a valid and understandable one a century ago. It has no validity or reality in today's world. Opposing the Jewish state today is tantamount to opposing the survival and welfare of the Jewish people as a whole. 

The mainstream of haredi Judaism here in Israel participates in the state, in its government and its political and social life. It is slowly undergoing a change that will eventually bring it into the economic cycle of Israeli society. Accompanying this is a small, gradual trickle of haredi participation in registering and accepting service in the IDF. This is a very complicated and sensitive issue and both sides are aware of the difficulties involved. Nevertheless, the issue is being addressed in different ways and mainly under the radar of public media. 

Those who cannot relinquish the ideologies of a century ago and have made them religious principles, do themselves and the Jewish people as a whole a great disservice. They also have to learn to just let go.

Trump: "Please Let Cryin' Chuck Stay"

President Trump in a tweet is begging the Dummycrats to keep Pelosi and Schumer!

Trump tweeted:
"I certainly hope the Democrats do not force Nancy P out. That would be very bad for the Republican Party - and please let Cryin' Chuck stay.."

Turns out that the guy in GA that lost against Handel was all for Iranian Murderers having nuclear weapons and was endorsed by the self-hating Jewish organization J Street.
כן יאבדי כל אובי ה'

Jewish Republicans Dance On Jon Ossoff’s Grave — Gloat At J Street Defeat

Now that Georgia’s dramatic special election is over, it’s time for Jewish groups to fight over bragging rights.
The Republican Jewish Coalition, which backed GOP candidate Karen Handel to the tune of $50,000, celebrated the victory with a fundraising email blast urging supporters to donate now, because “as the GA-6 election showed, Republican turn-out is the key to winning in these hard-fought races.”
The group made a point of noting that Handel’s opponent, Democrat Jon Ossoff, “earned his support from J Street by backing the Iran deal and refusing to support the Taylor Force Act.” RJC board member Phil Rosen was clearer with his gloat over the dovish lobby’s loss, tweeting: “Most important for Israel - this was a resounding defeat of J Street which raised a chunk of the $26m Ossoff raised for this election.”
J Street PAC brought in $80,000 to Ossoff’s hefty war chest, and made clear it has no regrets about the money spent. The group’s vice president of communications Jessica Rosenblum, noting that he managed to erase a 20 point lead in his district while supporting the Iran deal, openness to refugees, and U.S. involvement in Middle East peacemaking.
In fact it’s not clear whether Jewish issues played much of a role in the vote and Jewish-linked fundraising groups made up a small fraction of the nearly $60 million spent.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

SHOCKING FOOTAGE: 3 Frum Soldiers Davening In ‘Bais Yisroel Shteeblach’ Rescued By Police After Mob Attacks

When is this misery going to end?
When will real Jews beat the hell out of these "Fake Jews? 

It’s become a familiar, but despicable scene in Yerushalayim. Frum Soldiers are attacked just for being in the “Holy neighborhood of Meah Shearim / Geula”.
The latest incident happened on Wednesday evening at around 9:30PM at the Bais Yisroel Shteeblach which is frequented by thousands of people each day as Minyanim take place one after the other almost 24 hours a day.
Three Frum soldiers stopped into the Shul to Daven Maariv, and minutes after the Minyan began, a crowd gathered and began screaming at them. The crowd grew, and entered the Bais Medrash – screaming and cursing the Soldiers with the usual “Chardak”, “Nazi”, and other derogatory words used to insult Frum Soldiers.
Fearing for their lives, the soldiers phoned police who arrived minutes later to rescue them from the violent mob.
As can be expected, police were called “Shiksa”, “Nazis” etc when they entered the Shul to escort them out.
Thankfully, there were no injuries reported.
Police have not yet made any arrests.

Chassidishe Rebbes Will No Longer Be Able To Marry Off Their Infants In New York

Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed legislation on Tuesday to ban child marriage in New York.
Now New Yorkers must be 18-years-old to marry, with the exception that 17-year-olds can wed if they have parental consent and court approval.
Since 1929, people as young as 14 could marry in New York State with parental consent.
“This is a major step forward in our efforts to protect children and prevent forced marriages,” Cuomo said. “I am proud to sign this legislation that puts an end to child marriage in New York once and for all.”
From 2000 through 2010, over 3,800 minors got married in New York. Child advocates say many of the children were forced or coerced.
Minors who marry are more likely to drop out of school, become victims of domestic violence, live in poverty and suffer health problems.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

James Comey Democrat Hypocrisy Compilation

Skverer Rebbe To Undergo Open-Heart Surgery On Tuesday Morning

The Rebbe was flown to a hospital in Minnesota, where the surgery will take place.
The surgery is scheduled for 10:00AM ET.
Please say Tehillim for Dovid ben Trani.
The Skverer Rebbe has led his kehilla in New Square, NY since 1968.
New Square is the anglicized name of Skvira, a village in the Ukraine, where today’s Skverer Rebbe’s ancestors reigned. The New Square community in upstate New York was launched in 1957, when approximately 20 Skverer families moved from Williamsburg, Brooklyn, onto a 130-acre former farm in north Spring Valley, under the leadership of Rabbi Yaakov Yosef Twersky, zt’l (1899–1968), late Skverer Rebbe, who arrived in the United States in 1950. Before the end of its first year, almost 40 families resided in New Square. In 1961, New Square became the first village in New York State to be governed by a religious group. Over the years, incremental annexations of bordering properties have increased its size. New Square’s population, according to the 2000 census, impressively increased by 77.5% between 1990 and 2000. Since then, the shtetl’s growth has maintained that increase.
New Square’s success motivated other chassidish groups to plan and build their own versions of a chassidish community outside the maelstrom of America’s large cities. Notably, Kasho, Nitra, Pupa, Satmar, Tash, and Vizhnitz have established insulated chassidish communities away from big metropolitan areas.
The community in New Square, Spring Valley, is populated almost exclusively by Skverer chassidim, who wish to maintain a chassidish lifestyle insulated from outside secular influences. The village is substantially self-sustained with its own businesses and shopping areas, primary and secondary schools, schools of higher education, as well as community, religious, and charitable organizations.
The village is essentially one community with a large synagogue serving its entire population.
Rabbi Dovid Twersky, the current Skverer Rebbe, was born in 1940. In 1958, he married Rebbetzin Chana, born in 1943, eldest daughter of Rabbi Moshe Yehoshua Hager, zt’l (1917–2012), Bnei Brak Vizhnitzer Rebbe. Their offspring are: Rabbi Aaron Menachem Mendel Twersky, born in 1962, married in 1980 to Rebbetzin Chava Reizel, daughter of Rabbi Mordechai Hager, Monsey Vizhnitzer Rebbe; Rabbi Yitzchok Itzik Twersky, born in 1963, married in 1981 to Rebbetzin Malka, daughter of Rabbi Yisroel Hager and granddaughter of the late Bnei Brak Vizhnitzer Rebbe; Rebbetzin Hinda Twersky, married in 1982 to Rabbi Avrohom Yehoshua Heshel Twersky, son of Rabbi Chai Yitzchok Twersky, Rachmestrivka Rebbe in Boro Park; Rebbetzin Tzipora, born in 1965, married in 1983 to Rabbi Eliezer Goldman, son of Rabbi Yaakov Goldman, scion of the Zhviler chassidish dynasty; Rebbetzin Tzima Mirel, born in 1969, married in 1987 to Rabbi Yaakov Yosef Hager, son of Rabbi Yisroel Hager, Vizhnitzer Rav in Monsey; son of Rabbi Mordechai Hager, Monsey Vizhnitzer Rebbe (the Monsey Vizhnitzer Rebbe is both a brother-in-law and an uncle by marriage to the Skverer Rebbe); Rabbi Yaakov Yosef, born in 1973, married in 1992 to Rebbetzin Chana Yenty, daughter of Rabbi Yehshaye Twersky, Chernobler Rebbe in Boro Park; and Rabbi Chaim Meir, born in 1981, married in 2000 to Rebbetzin Rochel Dinah, daughter of Rabbi Zvi Elimelech Halberstam, Kiviashder Rebbe; son of Rabbi Moshe Halberstam, zt’l (1924–2011), late Kiviashder Rebbe in Williamsburg.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Palestinian Authority Names Square After Mastermind of Ma’alot Massacre

Mere days before two envoys from U.S. President Donald Trump were to arrive in the region to continue their pursuit of the elusive, “ultimate deal” for peace between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, the PA government in Ramallah named yet another square after a terrorist.

The newly inaugurated “Martyr Khaled Nazzal Square,” is named after the terror leader who planned the attack that led to the murder of 22 children and four adults in the Ma’alot Massacre on May 15, 1974. This is just the latest example of the Palestinian Authority’s relentless glorification of terrorists.
This new square in Jenin is named after terrorist Khaled Nazzal, the Secretary of the Central Committee of the Democratic Front for Liberation of Palestine (DFLP), and commander of its military branch.
Nazzal was responsible for the Ma’alot Massacre, during which terrorists took school children and their teachers as hostages, and eventually murdered 22 children and four adults.
Terrorist Nazzal also planned an attack which resulted in the murder of four hostages in an apartment in Beit She’an (Nov. 11, 1974), and a shooting and grenade attack in central Jerusalem in which one person was murdered and 47 others were wounded (April 2, 1984).
The “Martyr Khaled Nazzal Square” was inaugurated on this past Thursday (June 15, 2017) at a rally with Palestinian Authority officials, “under the auspices of the Jenin District and the [Jenin] municipality.” Participants included the Deputy District Governor of the Jenin District, and the DFLP in Jenin. Deputy Mayor of Jenin Mahmoud Abu Mweis spoke at the event and “emphasized that our leadership and our people will continue on the path of the Martyrs.” [Jeningate, independent Palestinian Authority news website, June 15, 2017]
On the monument to the terrorist Nazzal at the new “Martyr Khaled Nazzal Square” in Jenin, the text read:
Martyr Khaled Nazzal Square
“We must guard the flowers of the Martyrs (quote from song by Palestinian Authority poet Mahmoud Darwish)
“1948-1986, for a free Palestine
Translation provided by the Palestinian Media Watch.

Reuter Uses The Word "Terrorist" When It Comes To Killing Arabs Only, Will Not Use It When Arabs Murder Others

Crazy ... isn't it? .... 
Reuters has a SHIT'ah that it never uses the word "terrorist" when it comes to Arab Muslims beheading and murdering Jews and Christians ....
but today I noticed that they had no problem using the word "terrorist" when a guy drove his van into some Arabs!

I noticed something else ...usually when Arabs kill, you have to wait days to find out what the nationality of the murderer is? It takes months sometimes to find the "motive."
This morning I found out the nationality, race and his motive ...all in one full sweep within the hour.

Also when an Arab murders, the media writes "alleged" but notice in the article below...... nothing is "alleged" .... its all fact !

from Reuters (red letters by DIN)
"A van plowed into worshippers near a London mosque in the early hours of Monday, injuring 10 people, two of them seriously, in what Prime Minister Theresa May said was a sickening, terrorist attack on Muslims.
The vehicle swerved into a group of mainly North and West African people shortly after midnight as they left prayers at the Muslim Welfare House and the nearby Finsbury Park Mosque in north London, one of the biggest in Britain.
The driver, a 47-year-old white man, was grabbed at the scene by locals and pinned down until police arrived.
The man was not named by police. He was held on suspicion of attempted murder which was later extended to preparing or instigating terrorism, including murder and attempted murder.
After being seized, he said he had wanted to kill "many Muslim people," one witness told journalists.

Now read in the very same article and notice that when it comes to Arabs, Reuters omits the word "terrorists" and replaces it with the word "militants"

The latest incident took place just over two weeks after three Islamist militants drove into pedestrians on London Bridge and stabbed people at nearby restaurants and bars, killing eight..
A suicide bombing at a pop concert in Manchester, northern England, in May also killed 22 people, while in March, a man drove a rented car into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge in London and stabbed a policeman to death before being shot dead. Five people were killed in that attack.

Mishpacha Magazine Writer Chareidi Mother Of Eight Falls To Her Death From Jerusalem Hotel

Mrs. Chana Horowitz A”H was identified as the 46-year-old chareidi woman who fell to her death from a Jerusalem Ramada Hotel room.
Baruch Dayan Emmes: Mrs. Chana Horowitz A”H, 46, the mother of eight, fell to her death from the Jerusalem Ramada Hotel on Monday morning 25 Sivan 5777. When EMS units arrived, they found her in traumatic arrest.
It is reported that today is her father’s fourth yahrzeit, Rav Shlomo Alexander HaKohen Davidovich z”l. Adding to the family’s tragedy R”L, is the petira of her brother Rav Menachem Davidovich last Shabbos.
The nifteres’ husband is Belzer Chossid Rav Asher Horowitz, who publishes the weekly “דעה ברורה” Torah sheet on daily halacha. Mrs. Horowitz was employed by Mishpacha Magazine, and she was an editor of the ‘בתוך המשפחה’ Magazine.
She is survived by her husband and eight children, most still not married.
The levaya began at 5:00PM from Sanhedria in Yerushalayim via the main Belz Beis Medrash to Har Menuchos for kvura.

Mixed Weddings Cause SIDS ....R' Mutzafi Says

Doctors throughout the world are ecstatic that a cure to SIDS has finally been found! 
Mixed Weddings! 

Harav Hagoen HaGodol Hatzaddik Mutzafi, after keeping this cure a secret for many years, has finally revealed why infants are dying in their cribs ......
Chareidim are wondering why he allowed thousands of infants to die all these years, and have parents of these children suffer so much, when he had the cure all along!

Thousands of his followers are calling him for the numbers to Thursday's lottery......

HaGaon HaRav Bentzion Mutzafi during a shiur related to cases of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) deaths in Eretz Yisrael. He feels this is the result of mixed weddings, leading to such and other yisurim.
Earlier in the week the rav was asked by one of his talmidim about attending a mixed chasenah, and if one may sit at the meal during such an event while mixed dancing is taking place. (In this case, “mixed” refers to men and women together, without a mechitzah).
The rav responded “How does one dare to permit this Torah prohibition of ‘Don’t go after your heart and after your eyes’ (ולא תתורו אחרי לבבכם ואחרי עיניכם). The Gemara says if there is only one path and one passes a place of pritzus, he is a ‘rosha’, and one should be killed rather than violate this.
The rav said that “this is why there are SIDS deaths and why in the past weeks children have died of stoning, burning, killing and choking (בסקילה, בשריפה, הרג, וחנק) Hashem Save us!”

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Naftali Bennett Just Silenced CNN With These Three Words

Satmar Demonstrate in London in Support of Hezbollah

My friends,  these animals are not Neturei Karta, these are Satmar Chassidim, so let them not fool you into thinking that they are not in cahoots with the NK savages! 
Please have Satmar in mind when you pray and say 
ולמשינים אל תהי תקוה 

מרגלים . תשע''ז Meraglim 2017

As the Baalei Mussar say:  "there are no coincidences." 

This past week, Parshas Shlach, the parsha of the Meraglim.......Satmar Meraglim (Spies) congregated in Barclays Center in Brooklyn to protest a non existent IDF decree to draft Yeshiva Boys .... 
There is no such rule or decree, and this narrative was all invented by the Satmar Meraglim.

In Parshas Shlach, Hashem tells Moshe שלח לך אנשים " Send Men (to spy) " 
Rashi writes on the word אנשים  "Men" ....... that they were "respected and were righteous" at the time that Moshe chose them!

So who were these men?
 They were the leaders of the Jewish people! Each one was a leader of his tribe..... they were respected and were basically Tzaddikim!

So how did these leaders that turned Meraglim look like and how did they dress?

Well let's see what R' Yoel Teitelbaum z"l said in Parshas Shlach 1967 about Dasan Va'veerum, the two rashaim (evil people), that constantly antagonized Moshe..
(see Sheemu Dvar Hashem page 53 track 35)

R' Yoel quotes the Divrei Chayim
"You shouldn't think that Dasan Va'veerum shaved, .........Dasan Va'Verrum .........wore white bekeshas"

So here we have a direct quote from the Satmar Rebbe, that the two reshaim wore chassidic garb. 
The Rebbe was trying to tell us that we should not be impressed and think that one that wears Rabbinic or Chassidic garb is a Tzaddik .... he could actually be a Rasha!

Now we know that those Jews that were in Mitzrayim and didn't want to go to Eretz Yisroel died in the plague called "Choshach" "darkness."
Dasan Va'Veerum apparently wanted to go to Eretz Yisroel;  we know that because they survived the plague.....
So if we extend this logic,...... Dasan Va'Veerum, the reshaoim  were in a far greater madregah  than the Meraglim who spoke Lashan Harah against Eretz Yisroel and wanted to remain in the dessert.... because they, Dasan Ve'Veerum loved EretzYisroel and wanted very much to make Aliyah! 

So from the Satmar Rebbe's words, one can logically deduce that the Meraglim from 3,500 years ago looked like the Rabbis in the photo above that attended a protest against a made up scenario just to speak Lashan Hara against Eretz Yisroel on Parshas Shlach, no less.

Now let's examine who the Meraglim spoke against ..... besides speaking against the land itself, they spoke Loshan Hara against the inhabitants .... the Canaanites!

''אפס כי-עז העם .  
According to many commentaries ...the Meraglim were bad mouthing the inhabitants saying that they were "Az" "Arrogant" 

So what kind of people were the Canaanites? .... 

They were the most evil people on earth, and Hashem subsequently ordered Yehoshua to annihilate them ..... yet the Meraglim were punished because they spoke about evil people that lived in Canaan ... not even yet in Jewish hands!

What was their punishment? They all died and never got a chelek in Olam Haba!
All Jews over 20 Years Old with the exception of Yehoshua and Caleiv never lived to enter Eretz Yisroel!

The Meraglim of 2017 in above photo weren't G-D forbid speaking against the Arabs that just this Friday murdered a 22 year-old police officer ...... nope!
The Meraglim 2017 in the above photo dressed like Dasan Va'veerum, weren't protesting about a legitimate beef that they had (and even if it was legitimate they are prohibited to speak about any Jew living in Eretz Yisroel, be he religious or non-religious) Nope!

The Meraglim 2017 in the above photo, dressed in similar Chassidic garb as  the Meraglim from 3,500 years ago, invented a false story about the IDF and were speaking Loshon Harah against their Jewish brothers and sisters living in Israel!

The most atrocious part, is this week's headline of the Satmar Yiddish weekly called, Der YID, which reads mockingly
                                     מי לד' אלי' 
"Whoever is for Hashem Should Come to Me"

These 2017 Meraglim now have the Chutzpah to put Hashem in their evil scheme of bad mouthing over 6 million Jews living in the land that Hashem gave us...

Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Forward Prints Ad that Supports Murderer of Jews

The decision by the Jewish weekly newspaper The Forward to publish a paid advertisement supporting imprisoned Palestinian terrorist Marwan Barghouti is being questioned by some editors of other American Jewish newspapers.

The full-page ad appeared in The Forward’s June 2 edition. It was sponsored by Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), a controversial organization that supports the BDS movement and is described by the Anti-Defamation League as the largest “Jewish anti-Zionist group” in the U.S. The ad featured a statement by Barghouti calling for more privileges for jailed terrorists, and charging that Israel’s arrest and prosecution of Palestinian terrorists is “unlawful” because it constitutes “forcibly transferring Palestinian civilians into captivity.”
The ad also included an illustration of Barghouti flashing a V-for-victory sign beneath the slogan, “Palestine Will Be Free.”
In a “Note to Our Readers” on The Forward’s editorial page, Publisher Rachel Fishman Fedderson wrote that when the ad was submitted, “it gave us pause” because JVP’s text identified Barghouti only as the leader of a recent 40-day hunger strike by Palestinian terrorist prisoners, without noting he was convicted of murdering five Israelis.
The Forward’s official advertising policy states it will not accept an ad if the text is “intentionally misleading or contains known false statements.” JVP Media Coordinator Naomi Dann told that The Forward “had no issues” with the content of the ad. While JVP was not asked to change the text, The Forward did require it to include a disclaimer which stated, “The views printed here are not intended to represent those of The Forward.”
Fedderson explained in her note to The Forward’s readers that “despite our reservations,” she and her colleagues decided to publish the ad because “mass media itself is on the firing line, and freedom of expression is under pressure from our own government.”
Yet some other editors disagree with the argument that free speech is the issue.
“Freedom of expression is indeed a vital American value, one that this publication cherishes,” Sue Fishkoff, editor of J. The Jewish News of Northern California, told “But it has nothing to do with whether or not a publication chooses to run a particular ad. While I respect The Forward’s decision to accept this ad, we at J. would not have.”
In view of Barghouti’s murder convictions, “an ad supporting his hunger strike” would be “antithetical to our mission,” Fishkoff said.
“Like The Forward, the Detroit Jewish News believes that freedom of expression is of paramount importance in times like these. But our first concern is for our readers, who would be greatly offended by this particular ad,” said Jackie Headapohl, the newspaper’s managing editor. “If it were submitted to us, we’d suggest that Jewish Voice for Peace place this ad somewhere else.”
Several editors said they reject certain types of advertisements. Alan Smason, editor of the online Crescent City Jewish News, told he would not accept an ad supporting a “convicted murderer,” or an ad that was “lacking in truth or potentially libelous.” David Portnoe, editor of the New Jersey Jewish Community Voice, said he has rejected ads “that target Jews for conversion.”
Rob Eshman, publisher and editor-in-chief of the Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles, said his newspaper refuses ads “from groups that advocate or incite violence, racism [or] conversion out of Judaism,” or ads that are “too sexually explicit.” While declining to say if he would have accepted the Barghouti ad because the question is “hypothetical,” Eshman added, “I think The Forward is a great Jewish newspaper with a long legacy of service to the Jewish community and the world.”
Dovid Efune, editor-in-chief of The Algemeiner, said there is “no amount of money that could convince us to run an ad like this. Frankly, it’s disgraceful. Hiding behind the freedom of expression concept, The Forward has engaged in a shocking abdication of moral judgement…The Constitution doesn’t guarantee the right to terrorists to be provided a platform by leading Jewish newspapers.”
Robert Cohn, former editor of the St. Louis Jewish Light and current co-chair of the American Jewish Press Association’s Committee on Ethics and Professional Standards, told that if the question of the Barghouti ad “was brought to our committee, I might question the judgment of one who accepted such an ad, but would not want to be in a position to censure the publisher. If someone like [former Ku Klux Klan leader] David Duke wanted to place an ad, I would consider that to be crossing a line.”
Several other editors likewise raised the question of whether The Forward would accept an advertisement from other extremist groups. “If you substitute any other minority for ‘Israel’ or ‘Jews,’ I seriously doubt The Forward or another Jewish periodical would publish an ad advocating their annihilation or glorifying those who do,” said Ed Weintrob, editor and publisher of The Jewish Star of Long Island, N.Y.
“Would The Forward, in the interests of ‘freedom of expression,’ accept ads from white supremacists? To ask the question is to answer it,” Jason Maoz, senior editor of The Jewish Press of Brooklyn, told
Asked by if The Forward would publish an advertisement from supporters of an imprisoned killer who targeted other minorities, such as Dylann Roof (perpetrator of the South Carolina church massacre) or Jeremy Christian (who was arrested in the recent Oregon train killings), Fedderson did not directly address the question, but reiterated that the newspaper “is dedicated to free speech within and beyond the Jewish community” and is “also committed to equal advertising access.”
Barghouti, a leader of the Palestinian Fatah movement’s Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades terrorist organization, was convicted in 2004 of masterminding the murders of Jerusalem motorist Yula Hen; Father Georgios Tsibouktzakis, a Greek Orthodox priest; and three Israelis who were killed in an attack at Tel Aviv’s Seafood Market restaurant. He was also found guilty of an attempted suicide bombing in Jerusalem’s Malha Mall. Barghouti did not contest the charges, but instead delivered a speech in court accusing the judges of being as bad as “those who drop bombs on Palestinian children.”

Friday, June 16, 2017

The Cross-Examination Of James Comey

by Thomas Del Beccaro, Forbes 

Did President Trump obstruct justice?
The Left is in an all-out war to make Trump a one-term president and to stop his policy agenda. Rather than primarily fight Trump over policy, the Left is fighting Trump with the legal system. The Left has claimed for months Trump colluded with Russia and now claims Trump obstructed Justice.

After six months of no evidence on the collusion front, Former FBI Director James Comey was to be the star witness for the Democrats on the obstruction front. Instead of being helpful, Comey confirmed that there is no evidence of collusion. Beyond that, he was such a bad witness, Comey destroyed any possible legal case against Trump - and made himself part of the investigation in the process.

On that last point, it must be said that Robert Mueller, the chief investigator, is the close friend and mentor of James Comey.  Now that Comey has placed himself at the center of the controversy, Mueller must resign. He cannot ethically investigate acts involving his friend. This is not even a close call. If he does not, the process will be more than tainted and America damaged even more. Mueller should do the right thing.

On the issue of collusion with Russia, Comey agreed with two comments made by California Senator Diane Feinstein that no evidence has been seen establishing collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.  Given that collusion is not even a crime, it seems pretty certain that it is a dead end that even Chris Mathews recognizes.

As for obstruction and Russia, Comey was clear that Trump never said stop the Russian investigation.  To the contrary, Comey said he encouraged parts of it. As such, that part of the “case” is over except for the shouting.

As for the Flynn investigation and obstruction, Alan Dershowitz made it clear, and Comey agreed with him, that Trump could order the end of the investigation if Trump wanted to do that.  Dershowitz therefore concluded Trump could not have committed obstruction of justice by saying “I hope” it ends. In other words, that should end the matter.

But this is politics in the Divided Era and so the battle goes on.  Even if Dershowitz and Comey are wrong, Comey crippled his credibility and effectively ended the matter.

Recall that the day before Comey’s testimony, Senator Lindsey Graham, a former prosecutor and military judge, stated that Robert Mueller must not believe there is an obstruction case. He said that because, if Mueller did believe he had a case, he would never send out his chief and only witness to testify publicly.  Graham reasoned that it would be too great of a risk.

Comey proved why, if any case existed at all, the lone witness to it never should have been allowed to open his mouth in public.
As an attorney of 30 years, with a trial practice, I can tell you Comey, in several ways, hopelessly damaged his credibility. He would be easy prey for an attorney cross-examining him.

When preparing a witness, good attorneys tell their witnesses not to say certain things.  Basically, we want them to stick to the facts and don’t speculate.  We tell them don’t preface an answer with “honestly,” [Comey did] because it implies you may not have been honest with other comments.

We also tell them don’t diminish your own value as a witness by saying things like “I can’t prove it.”  Well, Comey went way past that when he declared that he was “hopelessly biased” with respect to part of his views.

I couldn’t believe this so-called practiced attorney and law enforcement official would make such a public statement. Any attorney worth his salt would easily be able to extend that admission of bias to the rest of Comey’s testimony.  Indeed, in 30 years of practice, I have rarely seen a witness say something so damaging about himself.
Comey didn’t stop there on the issue of his own credibility.  Let us count the ways:
  1. Comey admitted he had an axe to grind and took acts confirming his bias.
He did so when he admitted to taking and leaking government property to influence the investigation and to protect his reputation.  That admission goes beyond bias – it now means Comey was an active participant in shaping the investigation for his own self-interest and committed a crime to do so. Government employees don’t get to take government property when they leave office – his memos are government property.

Further, Comey didn’t do anything of any materiality about Trump’s act until after Trump fired him.  If he really thought Trump did something wrong, then Comey committed a felony by not taking the right action back then.  So why did he wait to act until after he was fired?  Well, Comey admitted he was upset about what Trump said after the firing.  In a real proceeding, the cross-examining attorney would easily establish Comey was now changing his views because of his bias.

Indeed, any cross-examining attorney could destroy Comey based on that possible illegal conduct and those admissions.
It gets worse.

2. The entire case comes down to Comey saying he believed Trump ordered him to stop the Flynn investigation because Comey interpreted Trump’s statement “I hope” to be an “order.” Mind you – Trump never used the word “order” and Comey admits that. Comey just says he took “I hope” to be an order. In other words, the whole case comes down to Comey’s perception.
Later in Comey’s testimony, however, when asked what he could do about something, Comey said “All I can do is hope.”
Yes Mr. Comey, people say “I hope so” without any evil or illegal intent.  Obviously, Comey thinks it’s okay for him colloquially to use the word “hope” - but not Trump. A cross-examining attorney could hammer Comey on his off-hand comment and why Comey gets to hope but Trump can’t.

It still gets worse.
3. Comey believed Trump meant something by his words other than what Trump actually said. However, later in his testimony, Comey said outright that he didn’t know Trump well enough to know how he would “act” in certain circumstances. At another point, he said “projecting [meaning] onto” President Trump was, in effect, not a precise practice.
In other words, on the one hand, Comey claims he knows Trump well enough to say he gave him an “order” in one instance but doesn’t know Trump well enough or shouldn’t speculate as to his meaning, in two other instances.  That is yet another inconsistency that any cross-examining attorney could use against Comey. Bonus point – Comey couldn’t figure out Hillary’s “intent” when it came to the destruction of emails and phones but could with Trump?
It goes on.

4. Comey said that, at one point, he didn’t want to have a face-to-face meeting with Trump alone. He wanted a go between so he could not be pushed too hard by the President again or caught in a compromising position. Yet, Comey later took one-on-one calls with Trump.  So which is it Mr. Comey?  You can or you cannot talk alone with Trump. That is another inconsistency on a significant point.

5.  How many rules or laws did Comey Violate?
Comey’s believability would be on trial, his stunning number of broken laws or violations would be on trial as well.
  • Again, Comey likely committed a felony by not reporting Trump’s alleged crime at the time. The fact that he waited until after his firing more than undermines his current claim that Trump did something wrong.
  • Comey took government property (see above). Is that legal? No. It also violated the confidentiality agreement he signed that outlined possible criminal charges. Further, government employees don’t get to take parting gifts of their choice when they leave office.
  • Even worse. If Comey thought Trump had done something illegal, Comey’s memo about it constituted “evidence” in the case. It was illegal for Comey to physically take evidence in a case for personal use. Ask yourself how many cops take evidence home.
It goes on.
  • Comey was asked if he was the source of any leaks. He answered “no” but later admitted he was.  Not only is that another inconsistency and lying under oath, it is illegal to leak that document.  Also, since Trump reportedly asked Comey to go after the leakers, it now looks that Comey had motive for not doing it.  After all, he was one of the leakers.
  • Comey said under oath he didn’t know about the parameters of the Session recusal on the Russia investigation. Actually, he had that information.  Did he lie?  Looks like it – and that is a crime.
  • Comey also falsely said that he only took notes after his Trump conversations, because he thought Trump would lie, and that he didn’t have to do that after conversations with Bush and Obama. That was false – Comey did the same after Bush.
That last comment no small lie.  At the outset of his testimony Comey made a big point of saying he thought, a man he barely knew, would lie, and that he needed notes for Trump but not the others. Turns out he was lying about his motive.
Few lawyers want as their sole fact witness in a case to be someone with those credentials.
It gets worse.
  1. The Nation’s top cop didn’t know whether an FBI agent was required to report a felony? Really? How credible is that?
  2. Comey’s inconsistent acts. Comey followed the orders of former Attorney General Loretta Lynch to call the Hillary investigation a “matter”– consistent with the language Hillary was using. Keep in mind Lynch does not have near the authority to demand the end of an investigation or the influence that a president has. Comey did not think that was obstruction, but now that he was fired and Trump spoke badly of him, Comey thinks “I hope” amounts to obstruction. Obviously, he did not treat those circumstances equally – for personal reasons.
Finally, another word about the notes.

In the actual investigation of Hillary Clinton, Comey allowed her to be interviewed without a court reporter taking down her words.  As a result, Hillary, who was called a congenital liar by William Safire two decades ago, could never be prosecuted for obstructing justice or lying to the FBI during the investigation because Comey made sure there was no admissible record of her comments – after millions and millions were spent on the investigation. But he needed notes from Trump?  Where are his Hillary notes?

Comey should have been fired for that last act alone.   He should have been fired for bowing to Loretta Lynch to use language the Hillary campaign was using to characterize the FBI investigation of her as a “matter.” Based on his admissions, he should be prosecuted and an investigation undertaken of Lorettta Lynch and Hillary.
As for Trump’s future legal problems over obstruction, Comey fired himself as a witness with his hopelessly biased and hopelessly contradictory actions and statements.